Dan Dodds currently works as a architect and set designer specialising in computational design techniques at Stufish Entertainment Architects.

The body of work illustrated here mainly comprises work completed  as part of Diploma Studio 10 at University of Westminster working with tutors Toby Burgess and Arthur Mamou-Mani developing architecture by combining analogue experiments with digital parametric modelling tools.

His recent academic work explored themes of growth and decay, order and chaos, and visual perception.

In his capacity as a freelance designer, Dan has collaborated with designer Anthony Whittaker and carpenter Gunter Luck to create showroom furniture for shoe designers SWEAR London and for jewellery designer Gogo Philip.

Prior to this, he worked as an Architectural Assistant at Walters and Cohen Architects in North London. While there, he worked on a variety of projects broadly within the education sector.

He graduated in 2009 with BSc Hons Architecture from The Bartlett [UCL, London], and his thesis project for a ‘Nose to Tail Complex‘ in the City of London was awarded a commendation in the 2010 RIBA Forgotten Spaces competition.




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